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Facebook Fan Page with Custom Application Tab

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E-Mail Marketing Social Media Campaign

Project Summary

Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks
Irvine, California

Paul Kokinakes, Kokinakes Design, Inc.

Programming & Development:
Rick Morgan

About the Project

The IRNL wanted to increase their fan-base on their Facebook social media page by running an email marketing campaign as well as customizing their Facebook page.

Working together with Paul Kokinakes, Rick programmed and developed the interactive map and implimented it into a custom application tab on their Facebook page. Rick also programmed a HTML email and ran the campaign to the IRNL's large email list.

The Results: Almost a 400% increase in the number of Facebook fans within a single week.

Tools & Technologies Used:

  Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe Illustrator
  Adobe Flash
  Adobe Dreamweaver
  Microsoft ASP.Net